What should I expect to happen if I come into AllHealth Network Pharmacy to order new supplies? >

A staff member will greet you and ask you to fill out a short form to get your information and your purpose of visit. Then an appropriate staff member will assist you with your medical-equipment needs. If you’re going to have insurance pay for the supplies, make sure you have copies of all your insurance cards and a doctor’s detailed prescription. If you’re not going to use insurance, then these items are usually unnecessary. A few supplies cannot be sold without a doctor’s detailed prescription.

It may take some time to verify your insurance before your order can be dispensed. You’re welcome to wait at the pharmacy or come back at a later time. You’ll be required to sign some documentation, and you may need to pay for a portion of the cost deemed necessary by your insurance before you can take your equipment. Fill out some of the paperwork in advance of your visit. (Link to Forms page)